This short film describes Poland’s spa district of Zawodzie region and its architecture. Designed by a famous Silesian architecture duo (Henryk Buszko and Aleksander Franta) in the mid 20th century, the buildings are controversially meddling with the landscape. Using this example, the film discusses the general issues of who should have the power over the landscape and how to be responsible for our common heritage.

Ewa Trzcionka (1980) – Curator at the “House of Ideas”, editor-in-chief of the portal and magazine ‘Design Alive’. Together with her team, she explores and describes interesting phenomena, places and people in the areas of culture, art, science, entrepreneurship and prosocial activity. She inspires to look broader on reality and to search for original pathways of professional and personal development. One of the initiators and chairman of the Design Alive Awards Chapter – the first prizes in Poland awarded for creative thinking, granted since 2012. Already in 2007, she has started a project promoting Polish design: ‘Design Alive Gallery’, which was awarded by the Ministry of Regional Development. A certified nature and forest educator, she is passionate about new education and nature. She linked these topics of nature and human creativity by directing a documentary film ‘Spa. The Architecture of Zawodzie’ (2017).